Shanghai Natural History Museum Launched a Special Event on the World Wetlands Day



February 2, 2023 was the World Wetlands Day. The theme of this year is "revive and restore degraded wetlands". In the forenoon that day, the special event "Revive the Wetland Home" co-sponsored by Shanghai Natural History Museum (SNHM) and Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences was organized in the Shanghai Natural History Museum. This event was meant to let the public understand the diversity of wetland and its important ecological functions, and address the issue of how Shanghai as a wetland city will preserve and restore the degrading wetland and protect the gorgeous ecological landscapes in the wetland of Shanghai.

The event comprised both indoor and outdoor sessions, where the experts presented the audience the highlighted wetland areas of Shanghai through a "cloud tour". During the one-hour live stream session, the experts presented various types of wetland in Shanghai and the original landscapes of the Dongtan Wetlands of Chongming District, explained how the scientists conduct research and protection of migratory birds in the Dongtan Wetlands of Chongming District, and displayed the tools used by the scientists to research the birds in the wetland. Besides, the expert from Dongtan Wetlands of Chongming District also presented the achievements of the endeavor to restore the Dongtan Wetlands of Chongming District, and explained how the scientists expel the invasive species known as Spartina alterniflora through effective scientific evaluation and scientific means.

At the site, they also unveiled the Rules of Survival in the Wetland, an ecological science themed card board game that was co-developed by SNHM and Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences through one year's work. This game displays abundant information on biology in wetland and the concept of wetland ecology, and features simple but elegant scientific drawings and rigorous ecological logic, to let the player understand various types of wetlands, the creatures living therein, and the ecological correlation between them. This board game serves as a vivid "encyclopedia of wetland" that gives people the knowledge on wetland and shows them the beauty of urban wetland.